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Trends Shaping the Future of Beauty and Cosmetics in 2022

The Global beauty industry is currently valued at $532 billion. However, like every other industry, the global beauty industry is also prone to constant change and growth. The ongoing pandemic also took a massive toll on this industry. This is why you need to understand the ongoing trends that will have a huge impact on the future of beauty and cosmetics in 2022. This will allow us to understand better the direction in which the global beauty industry is moving. Here are the top trends that are expected to dominate the future of beauty and cosmetics.

What Are the Top 10 Trends We Can Expect in 2022?

1. Improved Hygiene

The ongoing pandemic has taught everyone the importance of hygiene and cleanliness in our everyday lives. The professionals expect this trend to continue in the future, even when the pandemic is finally over. Everyone was looking for hand sanitizer and hand soaps during the pandemic. This has slowly encouraged beauty brands to enter this arena, and they have started offering luxurious and beauty-oriented hand soaps and sanitizers.

People will stay loyal to their favorite beauty brands, and professionals expect them to buy hand sanitizers and other hygiene items from their favorite beauty brands. This way, we will see a revolution in the hygiene department.

2. Transparent Skincare

People love and demand transparency from their favorite brands. We no longer live in an era when people were unaware of the ingredients used in their favorite products. This is why people want to know what they are putting on their skin. This demand has encouraged beauty brands to sign up with third-party labs to offer complete transparency regarding skincare items. This trend will change the future of beauty and cosmetics in 2022.

Transparency will be among the top priorities of different brands. The customers want to know what they are using, and these brands are willing to offer them a detailed report of all the ingredients and chemical formulas used in the products. This will allow the customers to understand whether their product is sustainable and organic.

3. Enhanced Blue Light Protection

The ongoing pandemic has forced us to live inside the confines of our homes. This gave us a chance to digitize every aspect of our life. People who were previously unwilling to adopt technology into their lives completely rely on digital technology to continue their daily activities.

This dependence on technology also increased our exposure to blue light. Blue light is known to have damaging effects on the skin. This is where beauty brands jumped in and started working on innovative ingredients to minimize blue light’s damaging impact on our skin.

Blue light protection is one of the most anticipated and biggest trends that we will see in the future. The customers want to take care of their skin, and beauty companies are here to help you slow down the process of skin aging. We will see ingredients such as turmeric and algae in our favorite products.

4. Liquid Makeup

This may sound odd at first. However, hundreds of different beauty companies are constantly trying to transform solid makeup items into liquid makeup. When customers spend a lot of money on beauty products, they expect those products to stay on for a while. We have already seen waterproof mascara and lipstick items in the past. 2022 will be the year where the consumers finally see liquid lipsticks and liquid items expected to stay on the skin throughout the day.

5. Minimalist Makeup Accessories

This trend was quite popular even before the pandemic. However, minimalist makeup is expected to make a comeback in the upcoming years. People want to feel beautiful and independent even without the use of makeup accessories. In addition to this, complicated makeup routines also take up a lot of time, and many customers do not have enough time for such routines. This is why we will see our rise in minimalist makeup accessories and routines.

Slow beauty and natural skincare are all the rage right now. Therefore, many people are trying to understand how to make their skin glow up without foreign elements. They want to say goodbye to foreign elements and embrace a healthier way of achieving beautiful skin daily. This is why we will see minimalist makeup practices in the future.

6. The Rise in Facial Treatments

As the entire world slowly shifted towards online video calls and meetings for daily chores, some people were worried about their outlook and face in virtual meetings. A lot of people were worried about how they looked online. This is why skin surgeons and dermatology experts saw an immense boost in the number of people who wanted to learn more about the different cosmetic procedures for facial concerns.

The number of people who investigated different procedures for eye area treatments was higher than ever. This trend is expected to continue down the road, and people will slowly move towards facial treatments and cosmetic surgeries to look better and more beautiful on video calls and virtual chat rooms.

7. Antibacterial Products for Hair

We may not feel it or see it, but our fingers are home to a whole host of bacteria. In addition to this, there are also colonies of viruses that live on our skin. Similarly, an average person touches their hair more than 40 times a day.

We may not see it, but there is an exchange of bacteria and viruses between your hair and fingers. This takes a negative toll on the health of your hair. This is why scientists and professionals have been trying to develop innovative solutions to take care of hair.

2022 may be the year when we finally see antibacterial haircare. Many different beauty companies are already working on creating antibacterial haircare products that are safe for customers, such as cleaning sprays, antibacterial shampoos, and antibacterial moisturizers. These items are expected to fight against any bacteria or virus and offer antimicrobial disinfecting agents that will offer maximum protection for your hair throughout the day.

8. Enhanced Scalp Care

Another arena that will see a massive improvement in 2022 is the scalp area. People slowly understand the importance of taking care of their scalp. This is why we will see a boost in the number of people who will move towards scalp treatments to reduce hair loss and improve hair health. Platelet-rich Plasma (PRP) injections are becoming more and more common among people.

9. Organic and Natural Skincare Items

Another important trend that you can see in the year 2022 is that people will try to move towards organic and plant-based skincare items. Some people are already trying to minimize their impact on the environment. Skincare is the next arena that will see a massive evolution in minimizing the carbon footprint on the environment.

People are trying to move towards plant-based skincare items for multiple reasons. One of the reasons is to minimize the impact on the surrounding environment. Another important reason is that people want to stay away from harsh chemicals and introduce naturally occurring ingredients into their daily skincare routine.

A lot of people are trying to investigate the benefits of using hemp-based or CBD creams. We will see a massive increase in consumers who will try to move towards plant-based skincare items.

10. Natural Hair

In the past, people used to spend a lot of money on getting different hairstyles and artificially augmenting their natural hair. However, we will see a decrease in this trend as people have started to believe in low maintenance power.

Similarly, people are also quite happy to embrace themselves as they are. This will change the

future of beauty and cosmetics in 2022. We will see more and more people embrace their natural hair and stay away from hair straightening or hair curling activities. In addition to this, customers are also worried about hair loss and hair damage. This is why we will see many people embrace air-drying and the natural texture of their hair. They will try to stay away from chemicals and intense heat for hair straightening activities.

People will slowly try to move towards low-maintenance and natural hair care routines. They will also try to find organic and natural shampoos for the daily hair care routine. Therefore, we will see people embracing their natural texture and natural hair more often.

Beauty & Cosmetics Industry Stats and Growth Projections in 2022

Here are the top 10 statistics that you must know to understand the future of beauty and cosmetics in 2022.

  1. According to the experts, the global k-beauty market is expected to show a massive boost of 11.3% before 2026.
  2. L’Oréal will stay on top of cosmetic companies with more than $30 billion as its annual revenue.
  3. According to the world atlas, Asia and Oceania will become the biggest consumers of skincare products.
  4. The Indian cosmetics market will grow as much as $20 billion by 2025.
  5. The African beauty industry will grow faster than the global average. Professionals expect the African beauty industry to go as high as $6 billion by 2024.
  6. Sephora will maintain its position as the number one beauty retailer in the world.
  7. The Global natural cosmetics market will observe an immense boost of approximately $20 billion by 2027.
  8. The online cosmetics industry will continue to grow in the future.
  9. The global skincare market will contribute more than $150 million post-pandemic.
  10. The makeup segment will decrease, whereas skincare items will increase in the future.