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Skincare Market Marketing & Industry Trends Shaping 2022

Skincare includes a range of implementation that ensures one takes good care of their skin. A skincare routine aims to relieve certain skin conditions and make sure the skin’s appearance is enhanced. Different skin types require different skincare products. That is why there is no standard skincare routine in place. You may want to consult your dermatologist before using certain products, especially if you have sensitive skin. If you know your skin type, you can proceed to purchase skincare products from a reputable brand. Our copy will highlight some of the top trends shaping the skincare industry’s future in 2022.

Top Skincare Industry Trends

With almost everyone having to stay at home in 2020, some people took that time to develop new hobbies and learn new skills. Most women had time to learn how to do their make-up or learn more about skincare regimens and what worked for them. A few men also embraced the idea of having a skincare routine. Since almost everyone was sharing videos on social media, this was quite easy. Listed below are the top ten trends that will shape the skincare industry in 2022.

Less is More

While a full face of makeup is great, wearing it every day is not great for your skin. Since most people had to work from home for a while, they no longer felt the need to wear makeup every day. Instead, people had time to try different skincare regimens to see what works best for their skin. This has brought about the less is more trend. We can see celebrities embracing this trend, and most people are also going with it. Wearing less makeup and going for a more natural look is a trend that will shape the skincare industry. This trend is seeing most people also embrace the idea of investing in a skincare routine. Less is more does not only apply to wearing less makeup. It also applies to the number of skincare products that one uses. Finding a product that can deliver more results is better than using so many products and following so many steps. So people are also embracing multi-purpose skincare products that shorten their skincare routine.

Celebrity Skin Care

Celebrities launching skincare products seem to be a trend that is about to peak in 2022. Over the last couple of years, we have seen celebrities launching their skincare brands. They also tend to sell out quite fast. Whenever a celebrity endorses a skincare brand, people tend to buy it. There has also been a rise in men embracing skincare regimens, so there could be a rise in more skincare products for men in 2022.


Skincare brands are now also making oral supplements that can be part of your routine. Instead of focusing on topical products only, they are now introducing supplements in powder, high-powered gummies, and capsules. Most of these supplements primarily promote cell vitality, skin elasticity, brightened skin, and collagen production.


Microbiome skin care refers to products infused with probiotics, which help the skin maintain its optimal balance by adding bacteria. You will not need a complicated skincare routine if the microbiome of your skin is healthy, and live probiotics are what will build its health. Probiotics can help reduce symptoms of eczema and acne. Various skincare brands in the market are microbiome supporting, and we foresee more microbiome-friendly skincare being introduced and shaping the skincare industry in 2022.

Personalized Skin Care

A popular trend that is bound to peak in 2022 is personalized products. Various skincare brands on the market are making personalized products for their customers. All you have to do is answer an online quiz or describe what you are struggling with, and they will formulate a skincare product that will specifically cater to your needs. This trend is bound to stay and get better because getting a formulation specifically designed for your skin and one that works too is quite an innovation.

Cruelty-free Products

Another trend shaping the skincare industry in 2022 is cruelty-free products. People are endorsing cruelty-free brands, and some major brands have gotten on board with the idea of making cruelty-free products.

Multi-purpose Products

As aforementioned, multi-purpose products are going to be on the rise in 2022. Multi-purpose products ensure that you spend less time on your skincare routine, which is very convenient for anyone who is always on the go. They also make skincare not feel like a tedious exercise. More skincare brands are embracing this concept and creating more multi-purpose products.


More brands are being transparent with ingredients and percentages of the said ingredients they are putting in their products. This trend is bound to be on the rise since people would like to be informed about the products they are using. A transparent brand about their formulation also builds trust with the customers, and this trend will only get better.


The kind of ingredients that a skincare brand chooses to use in their products will determine whether they will be a top brand or not. People pay attention to what they apply to their bodies. Before purchasing a product nowadays people want to know what kind of products were used. Brands that are using superfoods in their products are bound to be in top trend in 2022.


More skincare brands are embracing the commitment to sustainability. More companies are careful about the ingredients they are using in their products and their getting them. Sustainable skincare products are on the rise and in demand, and this is a trend that should stay. Making products using sustainable ingredients ensures that the earth is preserved.

Skin Care Industry Stats and Growth Projections in 2022

While it is important to know all the skincare trends, it is also essential to be informed and educated about the skincare industry’s statistics. Below are some fascinating statistics about the beauty industry.

  1. In every ten skincare brands you come across, nine of them have a social media account. That is to say, at least 96% have a social media platform. In most instances, they have an qq account. This is not to say that they do not have accounts on other social media platforms. qq tends to be the platform where they are the most active. With e-commerce on the rise, being on social media is the smartest thing a brand can do.
  2. In the beauty industry, the skincare industry is the second-largest branch. With everyone investing more in their skincare routine, it roughly generates 23% of the beauty industry’s total revenue.
  3. On average, at least 83% of Gen Z purchase natural and organic skincare products. They also prefer to use cruelty-free products. Generation Z also pays attention to the kind of ingredients that are used in making their skincare products. With a preference for ingredients that are plant-based and water-efficient.
  4. Men have become more aware of the importance of a skin regimen and are the reason for the skincare industry being the second-largest branch in the beauty industry. Male skincare products have brought in more revenue than all their other grooming products, such as deodorant, hair care, shower, and bath. Roughly 90% of men aged between 18 and 44 have embraced a skincare routine in their lives.
  5. Teenagers hugely contribute to the revenue of the skincare industry. Since they are on social media and see all these trends that they want to keep up with. A study shows that most of their money is spent on skincare and beauty products.
  6. An average of 63% of consumers is likely to trust a brand based on having an qq account. A brand that is on social media and engages with its clients is active and shows reviews, and client feedback looks more legitimate. Therefore, people are more likely to purchase from such a brand than a brand, not social media.
  7. Out of every four consumers, one is more likely to purchase from eco-friendly brands. This trend is on the rise as consumers now want to support eco-friendly brands. Therefore, brands that care about the environment are more likely to peak over the years as people become more conscious of the importance of environmental safety.
  8. Skincare brands that support social and environmental causes are more likely to gain more customers than those who do not. 92% of consumers state that they are more loyal to skincare brands that have taken the initiative to support these causes. So a brand that supports important causes and has a core value of improving the environment will gain and retain its customers.
  9. It does not come as a surprise that women spend more on skincare than anyone else. Skincare was essentially developed for women. According to a skincare statistic, the average woman spends about $300 on their skincare. If you add up this total to see how much women spend on skincare yearly, it is a lot. This figure is not even inclusive of the beauty products they buy in a month.
  10. Approximately 40% of skincare launches happen in the United Kingdom, the United States comes in second, and France comes in third. The skincare industry is growing rapidly, and with the stated trends, it is bound to boom in 2022. When buying skincare products or getting on trends, ensure that the products are from a trusted source and are appropriate for your skin type.